Fun Activities For Kids!!

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim !


List of Activities you can do with your kids


Story of Prophet Mohammed (swt) :


How he (sws) was protected by Allah (swt) from enemies of Islam  in  cave (the spider web and the dove nest)

 After telling the story within 10-15 mins you involve the kids making a craft as I remember a saying” Tell me and I forget, Involve me and I remember”


MAKING A Spider: Age : 5+

 Materials you need

  1. PomPoms
  2. Pipe cleaners
  3. Scissor
  4. Staple
  5. Wiggly eyes
  6. glue

Cut 4 pipe cleaner in halves and staple all of them (kids may need help) to a pompom making the spider’s body and 8 legs

Glue 2 wiggly eyes on top of the pompom making a complete spider

And ask the kids to draw a spider web in black construction paper to give look like a spiderweb on the cave and let the kids put the spider on that drawing and ask them to tell the story afterwards.


Making a Dove Nest:

You Need:

  1. White play dough
  2. black or brown yarns
  3. Scissor
  4. Paper bowl or paper plate

Cut a handful of yarn (1 ft length) and arrange those into a nest shape and place into a paper bowl or plate. Make 4 egg shapes molding play dough and keep those on the nest.



  • Musical Pillow: age 4+

         You need

  1. A pillow
  2. Islamic song on your cell phone ( instead of music)
  3. Copy paper 1-2 depending upon how many kids
  4. A small basket or bowl
  5. Board and board marker

For 12 kids

Cut the blank paper into 12 equal pieces and write on them

( Say the 1st Kalima, Say the Shahadah, say the meaning of the kalima, say the meaning of the shahadah,say your favorite short surah or meaning of your favorite surah, write Allah in Arabic, write Mohammed sws in Arabic….and so on)


Ask the kids to sit in a circle and play the song and ask the kids to pass the pillow …when song is stopped see which kid is holding the pillow ask him/her to pick a paper from the bowl , whatever is written on the paper he/she have to do that if not he/she is out of the game……while playing and pausing the song make sure every child gets a chance to pick a paper and say pr write something…this way they review and learn in a fun way.


Stick  the Tail:

You need

  1. A foam board
  2. Marker
  3. Construction paper
  4. Scissor
  5. Tape
  6. Thumb nail
  7. Scarf or a piece of cloth for blind fold
  8. A bowl with prewritten paper pieces( Smile as its sunnah, show how to slep in a sunnah way, make your own list of follow sunnah )
  9. A basket with candies or small prizes

Draw a cat with the marker on the foam board , draw a tail for the cat in a construction paper and tape it and keep it in a side

           Ask each child to come and stick the tail of the cat on the board with blind fold, if the child can do it he/she gets to pick any candy/ prize from the bowl, if not then ask the child to pick a paper piece and do whatever is written on it…if the child does it give him/her a prize.




99 Names of Allah swt: age 6+

Mix and Match

Time: 20 mins


You need:

  1. Beads of different colors (99 /child)
  2. Names of Allah(swt) print outs ( 5-10 attributes with meaning)
  3. Scirror
  4. Cell phone or Computer to play 99 names of Allah swt song

Play the 99 names of Allah swt song in youtube. Then ask them how many attributes Allah swt has.

Then make it clear to them that Allah swt is only one 99 beautiful names.


Ask the kids to take make 9 rows of 11 beads in each

who completes first wins


Then cut the (5-10) names , separate the meanings

call the kids one after one and ask them to find out a name with matching card which have meaning …who matches all wins.


Wall Hangings (Attributes of Allah swt):

Time: 30-45 mins

Age: 3+

This activity is suitable for teaching attributes of Allah swt to preschoolers who does not know reading, they can learn from pictures.

You need:

  1. Colorful (post it size) papers
  2. scissor/craft scissor
  3. glue
  4. Marker
  5. Pipe cleaner
  6. Printouts of Al -Wadud( The Loving one), As-Salam (The Peaceful) and Al-Malik (The King) …(6 +yrkids can write by themselves so they do not need the printouts.)
  7. Foam stickers(heart shape)
  8. Foam crown


For Al-Wadud which means The Loving One

Sat the Arabic name and then say the meaning

Then draw a heart on the paper and ask them to cut out side the edge

let them gule the word Al- Wadud in a different piece of paper then ask them to glue the heart shape under it and now stick the meaning of it on the heart and let them decorate it with foam heart stickers. Now make a small hole on top the paper with pipe cleaner and twist it so that it does not drop and also twist on the top of the pipe cleaner making a hole to hang on wall.


For As-Salam which means The all Peaceful: Same as avobe just make a peace sign in stead of Heart shape.


For Al- Malik which means The King:


Take a Foam Crown and glue the word Al- Malik and stick the word The King under it and put a pipe cleaner through the crown and twist it and also twist the top part of the pipe cleaner to make a hope to hang on wall.


When done you can hang them as single wall hanging or you can take a ribbon and hang all threetogether and then hang as a set.





How to keep my heart Guided


In the Name of Allah the Most Merciful and the Most Beneficent

Let me tell you something about the Bani Israel.

They were terribly oppressed by Fir ‘on for years and then Allah swt sent Musa (as) as the Messenger of Allah swt to free them from their oppression. But before they could get their freedom, they had to endure terrible hardships as Fir ‘on refused to accept the clear proofs that Musa (as) showed him to prove that he was indeed the Messenger of the Lord of the Worlds. He ordered all the sons of the Bani Israel to be killed and their women kept alive. But through all this they were very patient and sought the help of Allah swt and Allah swt rewarded them by not only letting them escape Fir ‘on but also by watching him drown in the same sea that had been parted specially for them.

But as time passed and they got settled in their new life, they forgot Allah swt again and instead asked Musa (as) to make an idol for them to worship. [ Al Ar’aaf 102:156]

Allah swt has chosen to tell us about this particular incident out of the history of mankind for us to take a lesson.

For us to analyze are we doing the same?

Think .Have you ever been struck by a hardship in your life in which the ‘now” seems unbearable and the future scary if the hardship continues and you think, “When will this end”?

The loss of a job, the news of a life threatening illness or maybe the wait for a result of a medical test?  Or your child who gets lost in the market place? And as the trial affects you, you look around you and seek Allah’s help and do Sabr and wait for the storm clouds to pass over from your life.

And then Alhamdulillah, Allah swt fulfills His promise and rewards you with a new job, or a treatment that makes you better or a test result which says everything is alright with you or your child waiting for you at the customer service.

And as you weep with joy and thankfulness to Allah swt, you make a solemn promise to remember Allah swt and stay on His path.

The first few days or maybe weeks that follow are full of a renewed faith and a regular routine of Salah and Quran.

But then as time passes and things start settling again in the old familiar routine, you start slipping and the acts of ibaadat lack the energy and become few.

This is where we have to stop and instead of becoming like the Bani Israel, we need to turn towards Allah swt again.

Let’s see how:

  1. Make Dua Every day

Rabbana la tuzigh quloobana ba’da idh hadaytana wa hab lana milladunka rahmah innaka antal Wahhab

Our Lord! (they say), Let not our hearts deviate now after Thou hast guided us, but grant us mercy from Thine own Presence; for Thou art the Grantor of bounties without measure

2. Plan your day around Salah— Make Salah the high Point of your day around which you plan your activities and not the other way round.” I will pray fajr and my morning adhkar and then I will make my tea and read my quran and then get the breakfast going.” Some times zuhr is at 1 pm, and the kids come at 1:30 pm, so plan“I will pray zuhr and then lay the table for lunch for my kids”

3. Read the Duas for Morning and Evening – get the book with these duas or make a document with all the duas and keep it where you pray or somewhere handy and when you stand up for Salah , keep them next to you so that you don’t forget. Play them in your house in the mornings. In this manner everyone can recite them and learn them too.

And remember your lord within yourself humbly and fearing and in a voice not loud in the morning and the evening and be not of the heedless ones. [Al Araaf  205]

        Link for YouTube:

4. Alone Time is Dhikr Time

The prophet (peace and blessings upon him) said “Allah swt has angels roaming the roads to find the people of Zikr, i.e those who say La illaha illalah and similar expressions and then they find a group of people reciting zikr , they call each other and encompass them in layers until the first heaven—the location of which is in Allah’s knowledge (i.e to say , an unlimited number of angels are going to be over that group)—Bukhari and Muslim

One of the best times to do zikr is when you are alone. While you are cooking, or cleaning or driving or waiting in a queue or even while you are exercising. You can put on a cd or use an mp3 or just open your laptop and play your dhikrs on that. Do istighfar a lot. Seeking forgiveness from Allah swt for the sins we committed knowingly and unknowingly cleanse the heart and open it to accept the guidance from Allah swt.

5. Seek knowledge to do it better—analyze your life. There are many roles that we play in our daily life. The most important being , Slave of Allah swt, then as a mother, a wife, a daughter, a daughter in law, neighbor, sister, grandmother, mother in law friend, a member of the ummah. Look into the Quran and Sunnah and find out the best manner in which you can fulfill each of these responsibilities. Aim to be a better Muslim in each role that you play in your life. has some excellent articles on such various topics.

6.Learn a new dua :- learn new duas every few days. Duas from the Quran and Duas from the Sunnah. Incorporate the Quranic Duas in your Salah once you have memorized them. This will also help in increasing the khushoo in salah inshallah.

 In the end ,I would like to leave you these words of  Allah swt.

 I am as My servant thinks I am. I am with him when he makes mention of Me.

If he makes mention of Me to himself, I make mention of him to Myself; and
if he makes mention of Me in an assembly, I make mention of him in an
assembly better than it. And if he draws near to Me an arm’s length, I draw
near to him a fathom’s length. And if he comes to Me walking, I go to him at


May Allah swt always be with you. ameen

The Mezan–The Scales

The Mezan—The Scales

…And the weighing on that day (Day of Resurrection) will be the true (weighing). Al Araf 8

This event will definitely happen as Allah swt says “its Haqq”—the truth, and it will be accurate to the last milligram!!

So let’s learn about it and prepare ourselves for it , inshallah!!:–

  • What will be weighed?
  • How will it be weighed?
  • The results!!
  • The deeds which carry Bonus Points!!.
  • The  Deed Wasters!!
  1. What will be weighed:–
  • Each and every action will be weighed: —From the most insignificant to the most prominent.

And if there be the weight of a mustard seed, We will bring it. And Sufficient are We as Reckoners. An Anbiya 47

  • We will be weighed.

The Prophet (s) said, “On the Day of Resurrection, a fat man will be brought forth, but he will not weigh with Allah equal to the wing of a mosquito). And on the Day of Resurrection, We shall assign no weight for them) 18:105.

Also, the Prophet said about `Abdullah bin Mas`ud, “Do you wonder at the thinness of his legs By He in Whose Hand is my soul! They are heavier on the Balance than (Mount) Uhud.” –Tafsir Ibn Kathir

  1. 2.     How will it be weighed?

The Book of Records,the scrolls with our deeds written in it, will be placed on the scales.

Allah will give our deeds physical weight on the Day of Resurrection It is recorded in the Sahih that Al-Baqarah (chapter 2) and Al `Imran (chapter 3) will come on the Day of Resurrection in the shape of two clouds, or two objects that provide shade, or two lined groups of birds.

It is also recorded in the Sahih that the Qur’an will come to its companion (who used to recite and preserve it) in the shape of a pale-faced young man. He will ask (the young man), “Who are you” He will reply, “I am the Qur’an, who made you stay up sleeplessly at night and caused you thirst in the day.”

Subhanallah !!

‘There is a hadith that Al-Bara’ narrated about the questioning in the grave that states, “A young man with fair color and good scent will come to the believer, who will ask, `Who are you’ He will reply, `I am your good deeds’).

The Prophet mentioned the opposite in the case of the disbeliever and the hypocrite.

May Allah swt not make us one of those 🙂 !! ameen

  1. 3.   The Results!!
  • The Good Result:  those whose scale with the good deeds is heavy. J

So as for those whose scale (of good deeds) will be heavy, they will be the successful (by entering Paradise). Al Araf 8

  • The Bad result: those whose scale with the bad deeds is heavy.

And as for those whose scale will be light, they are those who will lose their ownselves (by entering Hell) because they denied and rejected Our Ayat (proofs, evidences, verses, lessons, signs, revelations, etc.).  Al Araf 9

And Allah swt is Very Accurate.

And We shall set up the Balances of justice on the Day of Resurrection, then none will be dealt with unjustly in anything. And if there be the weight of a mustard seed, We will bring it. And Sufficient are We to take account 21:47

And Allah swt is the Al Adl (the Just)

Surely, Allah wrongs not even the weight of a speck of dust, but if there is any good (done), He doubles it, and gives from Him a great reward. 4:40

4.     The deeds that carry Bonus Points!!

Throughout the Quran, we are time and again shown how merciful Allah swt is.!!

Allah swt knows that insaan is weak and tends to forget, so gives us bonus points for certain deeds, when done with sincerity will inshallah tip the scales in our favor!!

  • Firm belief in Allah swt:

A Hadith states that a man will be brought forth and ninety-nine scrolls containing errors and sins will be placed on one side of the balance each as long as the sight can reach. He will then be brought a card on which `La ilaha illallah’ will be written. He will say, “O Lord! What would this card weigh against these scrollsAllah will say, “You will not be wronged.” So the card will be placed on the other side of the Balance, and as the Messenger of Allah said, (Behold! The (ninety-nine) scrolls will go up, as the card becomes heavier.) At-Tirmidhi recorded similar wording for this Hadith and said that it is authentic.

  • Good  Manners–Akhlaq


Abu Darda’ reported that the Prophet of Allah, upon him be peace, said, “Nothing is weightier on the Scale of Deeds than one’s good manners.” Sahih Bukhari , Abu Dawud and Tirmidhi with others..

Being kind and generous to one’s family, relatives, neighbors, friends gains us Big Points!!

  • Remembering Allah swt

The prophet (s) said ,  “There are) two words which are dear to the Beneficent (Allah) and very light (easy) for the tongue (to say), but very heavy in weight in the balance. They are: Subhan Allah wa-bi hamdihi and Subhan Allah Al-‘Adheem.” [Bukhaari, 9/93/652].”


  • Any action done feesabillilah ( in the way of Allah)!!


The Prophet(s) said , ´.. as for the one for whom it (a horse) is a source of reward, he is one who keeps his horse for the sake of Jihad( struggle for Allah) for Allah” cause;he ties it with a long rope on a pasture or in a garden. So whatever its rope allows it to eat, will be regarded as good reward able deeds (for its owner). And if it breaks off its rope and jumps over one or two hillocks, even its dung will be considered amongst his good deeds. And if it passes a river and drinks water from it that will be considered as good deeds for its benefit, even if he has no intention of watering it… “ Sahih Bukhari.

Can you imagine, the time you spend on facebook can be counted as good deeds if you think of reading and sharing any good information that comes your way?

The  Deed Wasters!!

Deeds done with even a tiny seed of riya (show off), hasad (jealousy) are wasted.

Any deed done for the gain of this dunya is a Waster!!

One must always make one’s intention to please Allah swt and say Bismillah before starting any task (yes, even before signing into an email account or any social networking site!!  J


On that note, I end here with a dua that may Allah swt count each second that you spent in reading this as a Good Deed that weighs heavily in The Mezan and accept all your good deeds, amen.

Please share it forward and make it a Sadaqa e Jaria for Yourself

Jazzak Allahu Khairan Kaseera!!

Love each other for the sake of Allah swt: a Point Plus Program

Abû Hurayrah relates that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “Allah will ask on the Day of Judgment: ‘Where are those who loved each other for the sake of My glory? Today, – on a day when there is no shade but mine – I shall shade them with My shade.” [Sahîh Muslim (2566)] 

“I love you for the sake of Allah”. This phrase has been used by me and by many others so many times. I recently attended a halaqa also on this topic and what struck me was the word “love”.

Something was amiss and I was very restless.

Yes I love a lot of people, but I do that because they are my family; blood, in law or through circumstances.

But the Messenger of Allah (s) in his statement does not make any exceptions. He (s) talks only about “loving each other for the sake of Allah”.

I was so confused when I looked around me and saw people using this statement yet exhibiting coldness in emotion, jealousy, betrayal in their attitude.

And then I looked up the word in the dictionary, as I think we sometimes really forget the “meaning” of the word we speak so casually.

Love means to have really strong feelings of affection for someone and to really like someone.


Now a different question perplexed me. Ok Alhamdulillah I really love some people, but here as I said earlier the Messenger of Allah (s) makes no exception.

So how to really love someone who hurt or betrayed me?!!!! And I like you desperately want that shade of Allah’s!!

After all the hurt and the discussion which unfortunately is labeled under the tag ” “gheebat”  in our Book Of Deeds settles down and the remorse sets in  i look for the answer to “how to truly love a person no matter what for the sake of Allah swt” and and then  alhamdullilah I came upon a simple Point Plus Program Guide for Truly Loving a Person for the Sake of Allah:

  1. Make the intention: no matter what I will “love “ this person for the sake of Allah swt as He wants me to  and I desperately want that shade on the day when there will be no shade but His.
  1. Acknowledge the struggle: None of us is perfect. Not me. Not you. Each day is an intense struggle with the nafs and this dunya to live life the way Allah wants us to live. Each one of us has different areas of weakness and strengths. Acknowledge the struggle and remember we are all “sisters (or brothers) in arms” against the shaitan.
  1. Identify the Good Areas: each one of us has some “good areas”. Something about a person that is good and we like. Identify it.
  1. Focus on it: once we have identified the good areas, focus on them alone. You must have seen a horse with the blinders around its eyes, to make it look only straight ahead. Become like that horse. Focus only on the good areas. Not easy. I agree but if done for the sake of Allah, then eventually it does become easy. Inshallah!!
  1. Seek refuge from the shaitan: something negative will happen to derail us. A nasty comment, a cold look, someone telling us about the bad the other person has said or done to us.  Seek refuge from Allah. Only He can help and anyways we are doing it only for His sake. So He will help us inshallah. And start at Point No 1 again : acknowledge the struggle a person makes.
  1. 6.     Remember no one is Perfect. Not you. Not me:  we are all struggling in this dunya for a better Akhirah. None of us is perfect and if we don’t help each other by being forgiving and understanding and sympathy,  then who will?


So lets help each other “love each other for the sake of Allah and be shaded by His shade on the day when there will be no shade but His.

My dearest Child–A Prologue to Surah Fatiha

Bismillahir Rahman nir Rahim

My dearest child,

I begin in the name of Allah, The Most Beneficent and the Most Merciful.

Today you set out on the journey for finding the key to the doors of Jannah.

Do you know what it is? It is “ To Gain the pleasure of Allah subhana hu t’aala”.

The clues to finding it are all in the Quran.

So begin your journey of the Quran, with an empty heart and let the Quran fill it with its light which will guide you straight to Jannah where Allah subhana hu t’aala will tell the gates  to open for His beloved You to come through. And the Prophet (s) would himself be waiting for you to give you a sip of water from the haud-e kausar to help you quench the thirst after the long trip you made. The number and beauty of its vessels are like the stars  of the sky. Its water is whiter than milk, sweeter than honey and (its fragrance) is better than the fragrance of musk!!

Allah subhana hu t’aala and the Prophet(s) would be sooooo proud of you that day inshallah. And so will I my dearest child, so will i.

So begin in the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficient and the Most Merciful!!

May Allah make it easy for you!! Ameen.

This day is a very big day for me too, as today I set out with you, even though you have to do this alone.  You will always find Allah subhana hu t’aala right next to you watching you take every step, fly over every fallen branch, fall in a puddle then rise up again. He will see you face Shaitan and ask Him for help and He will send it even before you have completed your du’a and then see you defeat it and emerge victorious.  Every time you will feel tired you will find Him right there next to you to make you sit and wrap you up in His mercy and hold you tight till you feel strong again.

Allah subhana hu t’aala gave a nur (light) to the Prophet (s) for us, his (s) ummah (nation). An angel came down especially from a special door in jannah to give to the Prophet (s) to light the way for us. Allah subhana hu t’aala Himself wants to make this journey easy for us.

Alhamdulillah for that!!!!

If you ever feel sick or tired, you can use this nur to make you feel better again inshallah as it is also called As-Shifa.

There is also something special here that Allah kept between Him and You in this. Inshallah, as you go on you will find it in the Quran too.

This is one of the best du’as that you can ever make and you will use it at least 17 times in a day inshallah!! 🙂

And most importantly this will teach you the secret of making this journey easy, breezy and beautiful for you inshallah!! 🙂

So what are you waiting for?

Let’s begin.

Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Rahim!!!

Surah Kahf– Tafseer For Kids!!



The Young Men and the Kahf (Cave)

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there was a town. The people who lived in this town had forgotten that they had to worship Allah. They made statues out of wood and stone and worshiped them, asking them for anything that they needed.

Among these people, there were some young men who had imaan(belief in Allah) in their hearts. One day, all the people of the town gathered outside the city to worship the idols that they had made. When these young men saw this, they immediately felt in their hearts that this was not right. Only Allah had the right to be worshiped as He was Al Khaliq—the creator of the heavens and the earth!!

One by one, these young men left the company of the Kuffar(the people who disbelieved) and sat under a tree. None of them knew the other, but it was Allah who guided them to each other.

After some time the people found out about them and told their king.

The king questioned them about their faith. The young men told him that they believed in Allah and invited the king and the people of the town to believe in Allah.

But, the king did not believe in Allah and got angry with the young men and told his guards to punish the young men.

While in punishment, the king told the young men to give up the religion of Allah and come back to worshiping the idols, else they awaited a more terrible punishment!!

However while they were in punishment, Allah the Most Merciful helped the young men to escape.

They found a cave and went inside it to hide. They felt worried but Allah blessed them with sakina( peace) and strengthened their Imaan( belief in Allah) and they made a dua.

“Our Lord, grant us from Yourself mercy and prepare for us from our affair right guidance.”

Then Allah caused them to sleep and told the sun to rise and set in such a manner that it did not disturb the sleeping men. From then onwards, the Sun obediently rose in the sky leaning towards the right side of the cave and set in the evening towards the left to follow Allah’s command. And thus Allah turned their bodies on the right and on the left while their dog stretched out on its forelegs.

Had you entered the cave, you would have thought they are awake and would have been astonished.  J

Like this they slept for years and years and years.

One day, Allah woke them up. One of the men asked the other,” how long did we sleep”?, to which the others replied “ maybe a day or a part of the day”. Then they thought Only Allah knows how long they slept, so they decided to send one of the young men to the city with some money to buy some food. But they told the young man to be careful, lest they catch him and make him turn back to the wrong religion.

So he disguised himself and took a different road to the city, but as he neared it, he was not able recognize it as everything had changed completely in the centuries that had passed. He thought maybe he was dreaming or confused!!

He quickly went to man who was selling food. When the man saw the coin the young man offered, he could not recognize it and thought maybe the young man had found some treasure!!

They asked him from where did he get the coin and the young man said:” I am from this land, I was living here yesterday!!”

They of course did not believe him and took him to their King, who questioned him about the situation.

The young man told them all about themselves. And then took the king and the city’s people to the cave to meet with the other companions.

And thus Allah made the people of the city know about them so that they may see that indeed the Promise of Allah is true and the Hour of Judgment will come soon.

Allah caused them to sleep and made them die.

Inshallah the young men are in Jannah Now !!

What a wonderful story!!

What do you learn from it?

We learn that no matter what happens or where we are ,we must always worship Allah and leave the place where we live in if the people are not letting us worship Allah. And then Allah’s help will come and He will reward us  inshallah!!



The Two Men and The Garden.

Once upon a time, there lived two men. One of them Allah blessed with 2 gardens of grapes, surrounded by palm trees and it was rich and abundant with fruit. A river also flowed merrily through it.

The man who owned the garden was a very proud man. He took a lot of pride in his beautiful garden.

He told his friend, “I am greater than you in wealth and have more servants and attendants and children!!”

Then he went out to his garden and looked at it and said “I think this will not perish ever”!!

He forgot to say inshallah –if Allah wills!!

He was forgetting that it was Allah who had given him the wealth and so said “I don’t think the Hour will ever come” !!!!!!!!!

His friend said,” Don’t u believe that Allah created you? I believe that Allah is my Lord and I will never worship anyone except Allah.”

“it would have been better had you said “  Ma shaa Allah –that which Allah wills (will happen)! La hawla wala quwata illa billa (there is no power but will Allah!!) when you saw my less wealth and children!”

And then Allah sent a storm  that destroyed everything and the man was left with sadness at the mistake he had mad and  said “I wish that I had worshiped Only Allah “!

What do we learn from this story that Allah tells us?

We learn that we should always remember that whatever we have is a Blessing from Allah and Only Allah has the Power to give it to us. And did you know that “la hawla wa la quwata “ is a one of the treasures of Jannah



The Story of Musa (as) and Khidr

One day the Prophet (Sallallaahu alayhi Wasallam) told a story to the sahabas(companions).

Do you want to hear it too??

Ok , lets begin  Bismillah

Once Musa (as) was speaking to the Bani Israel. Somebody asked him, who has the most knowledge?.Musa(as) thought to himself that as he was the prophet of Allah , so in the “dunya” it must be him so he said: “I.”

Now, who has the MOST KNOWLEDGE?

It is Allah.. as it is Allah who has made the heavens and the Earth. And so Allah cautioned Mosa(as) not to think that just because he was a prophet of Allah, he had all the knowledge in the world. So, Allah said to him: “Yes, at the junction of the two seas there is a slave of mine who is more learned than you.” Musa (as) said: “O my Lord! How can I meet him?” Allah said: “Take a fish and put it in a large basket and you will find him at the place where you will lose the fish.”

Musa (as) took a fish, put it in a basket and went along with his (servant) boy, Joshua (Yusha Ibn Nun), till they reached the rock where they lay down. Musa(as) slept, and the fish, moving out of the basket, fell into the sea. It took its way into the sea (straight) as in a tunnel. Allah stopped the flow of water over the fish and it became like an arch (the Prophet(s) pointed out this arch with his hands). They traveled the rest of the night, and the next day Musa (as) said to his boy (servant): “Give us our food, for indeed, we have become very tired in this journey.” Musa (as) did not feel tired till he crossed that place which Allah had ordered him to find. His boy (servant) said to him: “Do you know that when we were sitting near that rock, I forgot the fish, and none but Shaitan caused me to forget to tell (you) about it, and it took its course into the sea in an amazing way?” So there was a path for the fish and that astonished them. Musa (as) said: ‘That was what we were looking for.”

So both of them (Musa (as) and the boy) turned and went back till they reached the rock. There they saw a man lying covered with a cloth. Musa (as) greeted him, and said: “I am Musa.”

The man asked: “Musa of Bani Israel?” Musa (as) said: “Yes, I have come to you so that you may teach me from those things which Allah has taught you.” He said: “O Musa (as)! I have some of the knowledge of Allah which Allah has taught me and which you do not know, while you have some of the knowledge of Allah which Allah has taught you and which I do not know.” Musa (as) asked: “May I follow you?” He said: “But you will not be able to remain patient with me, for how can you be patient about things which you will not be able to understand?” Musa(as) said: “You will find me, if Allah so will, truly patient and I will not disobey you at all.”

So both of them (Musa (as) and AL-Khidr) went out walking along the sea-shore. A boat passed Trains and More to Color by them, and they asked the crew of the boat to take them on board. The crew recognized Al-Khidr, so they took them on board without any charge. When they were on board the boat, a sparrow came and stood on the edge of the boat and dipped its beak once or twice into the sea. Al-Khidr said to Musa (as): “O Musa! My knowledge and your knowledge have not decreased Allah’s knowledge except as much as this sparrow has decreased the water of the sea with its beak.”

Then suddenly Al-Khidr pulled up a plank, and Musa (as) did not notice it till he had pulled up a plank. Musa (as) said to him: “What have you done? They took us on board charging us nothing; yet you have intentionally made a hole in their boat so as to drown its passengers. Indeed , you have done a dreadful thing.” Al-Khidr replied: “Did I not tell you that you would not be able to remain patient with me?” Musa (as) replied: “Do not blame me for what I have forgotten, and do not be hard upon me for my fault.” So the first excuse of Musa(as) was that he had forgotten.

When they had left the sea, they passed by a boy playing with other boys. Al-Khidr took hold of the boy’s head and plucked it with his hand like this. (Sufyan, the sub-narrator gestured with his fingertips as if he were plucking some fruit.) Musa (as) said to him: “Have you killed an innocent person who has not killed any person? You have really done a horrible thing.” Al-Khidr said: “Did I not tell you that you could not remain patient with me?” Musa (as) said: “If I ask you about anything after this, don’t accompany me. You have received an excuse from me.”

Then both of them went on till they came to some people of a village, and they asked its inhabitants for food but they refused to entertain them as guests. Then they saw a wall bricks Colouring Pages which was just going to collapse and Al Khidr repaired it just by touching it with his hands. Musa (as) said: “These are the people, whom we have called on, but they neither gave us food, nor entertained us as guests, yet you have repaired their wall. If you had wished, you could have taken wages for it.”

Al-Khidr said: “This is the parting between you and me, and I shall tell you the explanation of those things on which you could not remain patient.” [Sahih Bukhari]

The explanations of these events are in the Qur’an:

“As for the ship, it belonged to poor people working in the sea. So I wished to make a defective damage in it, as there was a king after them who seized every ship by force.

“And as for the boy, his parents were believers, and we feared lest he should oppress them by rebellion and disbelief. So we intended that their Lord should change him for them for one better in righteousness and near to mercy.

“And as for the wall, it belonged to two orphan boys in the town; and there was under it a treasure belonging to them; and their father was a righteous man, and your Lord intended that they should attain their age of full strength and take out their treasure as a mercy from your Lord. And I did it not of my own accord. That is the interpretation of those (things) over which you could not hold patience. [18:79-82]

What do you learn from this?

No matter how much ilm(knowledge) you get, there will  always be someone who Allah has blessed with more. So seek Knowledge till you can, never rest and always ask Allah for more knowledge so that you can use it and teach it to others inshallah!! J

And the best Knowledge is that of the Quran


The Story of Dhul Qarnain

Allah tells us the story of a great King Dhul Qarnain. The reason for his greatness is a secret for now. Inshallah when you read the story you will discover the secret.

So listen carefully to what Allah is telling us.

Ready? Let’s begin  Bismillah

Dhul Qarnain went on 3 journeys.

One he took to a western land where he traveled till he reached a place the sun was setting island sunrise coloring page into a spring of murky (dark) water.

Here he found a nation of people, and Allah (swt) gave him the choice to punish them or treat them kindly. Dhul Qarnain chose to punish those who continued in kufr(disbelief in Allah) and treated the believers well.

His second journey was to an eastern land where he traveled till he came to a place where the sun was rising  and the people who lived there had no protection at all from the Sun.

Allah had not provided with shade, i.e. they had no buildings or trees to keep them shade.Old Testament Clipart « Peregrina

And lastly he traveled to a land between two mountains. Valley In The Mountains coloring page

The people who loved here were greatly troubled by the tribe of Yajuj and Majuj.

They told Dhul Qarnain that if he could help them and build a barrier between them then they would give him something great.

To this Dhul Qarnain replied, “the wealth, authority, and power that Allah has given me is better than anything.  So lend me your support and I will build the wall for you”.

He asked the men to give me blocks of iron. He blocked the place between the two mountains with the iron blocks and then made the men blow so hard that they(the blocks) became hot as fire. Then he poured molten copper on the blocks.

Thus the Yajuj and Majuj could not climb up or dig through the wall and come to the people.

He told the people, that the wall that he helped construct was a mercy from Allah and on the Day of Judgment it would fall down and the Yajuj and Majuj would come out.

Well, did you get the secret behind the strength of Dhul Qarnain?

He was very humble. He knew that whatever he had was given to him by Allah.

So what lesson do we learn from this?

That we should never think we are great J whatever good we have, has been given to us by Allah. So Alhamdullilah for that!! And we should use it for making life better of the people around us.
Can you think of something “special” that Allah has given you?

Now think of how you can use it for HIS sake and do something good for others.


The Quran

Tafseer–Ibn kathir

The Deeds–Dhul Hijjah

Assalam alai kum Wa Rahamtullahi Wa barakatahu, were you missing Ramadan and the limitless mercy that it brought with it?? No worries dear, Allah subhana hu ta’aala the Most Beneficent and The Most Merciful, is giving us another chance to immerse ourselves in His mercy and to seek  His forgiveness. There are numerous things that we can do to earn hasanas( good deeds) and increase our hoard of good deeds with Allah az wa jjal and reap the benefits both in the Dunya and Akhirah.

Salah: Make an effort to plan your day around Salah times , this will inshallah help in praying Salah at the earliest possible. Learn and recite the duas  that one can make in Salah and listen to your voice while you are reciting the ayahs. this will inshallah help in increasing concentration in Salah.

Quran: feeling guilty about not keeping up with the habit of reading quran daily? now is the time to kick it up again. Read some portion of the Quran daily and the best time is as Allah subhana hu ta’aala has filled that time with His barakah (blessings). Read and Reflect upon the meaning and then share it with your family and friends.

Saum: Fast on the Day of Arafah, inshallah Allah subhana hu ta’aala will expiate all your sins in the past year and the one coming (Sahih Muslim). make up the missed fasts .

Remembering Allah: Do Takbeer ( Allahu Akbar), Tahmeel( Alhamdullilah)and Tahmeel( La illaha illal la) and lots of istighfar during the last 10 days. Make special duas on the Day of Arafah. inshallah Allah will accept your duas.

Charity: Give in the name of Allah and for Allah to the needy.

And Remember to Make the Intention Before Every Task–to Please Allah.

May Allah accept all our deeds and make us all enter Jannatul Firdaus together.. ameen

How much do I gain if I “GIVE” in Charity?


The example of those who spend their wealth in the way of Allah is like a seed [of grain] which grows seven spikes; in each spike is a hundred grains. And Allah multiplies [His reward] for whom He wills. And Allah is all-Encompassing and Knowing. [2:261]


Charity is the third Pillar of Islam. Sharing our wealth is so important that Allah subhana hu ta’aala has put it in the same bracket as Tawheed, Salah and Fast and Hajj.

But, parting away from our wealth, is tough at times. And then we ask the BIG question:

*Why should I spend from my wealth?*

And alhamdullilah, Allah subhana hu ta’aala answers it for us.

Allah swt likens the person who spends even 1 penny “feesabillilah—in the way of Allah” with a pure intention, as a seed sowed by a farmer which grows into 7 stalks and each stalk at the top has 100 clusters of grains.[2:261]

That means if today you spend  1 Re/$/dirham in the way of Allah swt.. Allah will reward a person with 700 Re/$/dirham worth of good deeds and this is when we spend ONLY  1 re/$/dirham..

According to a hadith by Ibn Majah- the mafum is as follows.. the Prophet s.a.w said, if a person sponsors his money for the deen of Allah but doesn’t actively participate, then his reward is 700 times for each dirham spent and if a person sponsors his money for the deen of Allah swt and also actively participates in the way of Allah swt then his reward is 700,000 times for each dirham spent.

Sadaqa is that tunnel through which, we put our wealth from one side and it reaches jannah and awaits us there.

One must spend, to attain Allah swt’s pleasure. Imagine a tunnel with two open ends. We put Sadaqa from one side and it goes away from our sight but it is still there waiting for us on the day of Akhirah to lead us to jannah inshallah.

The reward for spending is IMMENSE.

What we are we waiting for 🙂 let’s get going..!!

But wait!!

Before we embark on this journey, let’s prepare ourselves as the road is tough and obstacles such as Takkabur (arrogance) are too many on the way.

Before, we undertake this journey of spending in the way of Allah subhana hu ta’aala  on the creations of Allah subhana hu ta’aala  we must cleanse our heart and fill it will the love of Allah subhana hu ta’aala  . We must tell ourselves that we are doing this only for the sake of our Khaliq and we want His pleasure as that’s all we seek.

We don’t want any worldly benefit .No worldly acclaim or recognition or any financial reward. The Only reward we seek is Our Rabb’s pleasure and mercy.

And as carefully as protect our beloved jewelry so that it doesn’t get spoilt, must we so protect our Sadaqa as it might be harmed and finally destroyed if we follow it with reminders , or hurtful comments.[2:665]


May every penny you spend in the way of Allah become a sadaqa e jaria for YOU and YOUR Family in the dunya and akhirah .


Purpose of Our Life !!


Bismillah hir rahman nir rahim

Assalam alai kum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatahu

Let me ask you a question,”What is The Purpose of your life? “

🙂 Till some time back, I thought that the purpose of my life at this stage was the clichéd “to be a good mother and wife ”:)

And  yet I felt dissatisfied, as if there was something that I needed to do but was not doing. This restlessness propelled me to seek some answers.

And then Our Rabb told me “O mankind! Worship your Lord (Allah), Who created you and those who were before you so that you may become Al-Muttaqun (the pious – See V.2:2).

“Worship your Lord…”, that is it?, I thought to myself. I do worship my lord. I offer my prayers, I fast in Ramadan, I try to read Quran ,but I still “feel” this feeling.

So what is the meaning of worship which I don’t know yet . Come let’s find it together.

“Worship means, love, sincerity, obedience. Du’a and Tawakkul should all be ONLY on Allah alone.”

This is a very simple yet powerful definition given by ,a teacher of the Qur’an.

Let me elaborate it.

Why do you think your child loves you the most? The answer is because in your child’s eye, you are one who gave birth to him (created). You are the one who takes care of him(owns)and you are the one who  does things for him (plans). These three attributes make you, his mother the center of his universe now and even when he is taller and bigger than you.

Now , think of Our Rabb. HE (Al-Khaliq) created us from nothing, He (Al Malik) owns us, whatever we have is given to us by Him and He (Al-Muddabir) plans everything for us.

So , why shouldn’t we love Him with utmost sincerity?

We demand obedience from our children? We think it’s our Right and this thought is endorsed by all child psychologists.

And we demand it as we are trying to teach our children the best way to live in this world.

Now think of Our Rabb. He also teaches us in the Qur’an the best way to live in this world. So, doesn’t He have the right to complete obedience from us?

We know that everything in the heavens and the earth is Our Rabb’s.  Nothing happens without His permission and knowledge.

Oh, then why shouldn’t our du’a and tawakkul(reliance) be Only on Him?

And then , our Rabb tells us that “There is no compulsion in religion. Verily, the Right Path has become distinct from the wrong path. Whoever disbelieves in Taghut(evil) and believes in Allah, then he has grasped the most trustworthy handhold that will never break. And Allah is All-Hearer, All-Knower. 2:256

Our nothingness, powerlessness in front of Our Rabb is a reality. The sooner we realize this “truth that stands clear” and turn towards Him in repentance and thankfulness for all that He has given us in this life, the better it would be for us. Both for this dunya and akhirah.

As Jannah is earned “Only” through our Rabb’s pleasure, And that can only be gained by fulfilling the Purpose of Our Life—to love Him the Most and Obey Him with utmost sincerity and to ask Only Him for what we need and to Rely Only on Him for the fulfillment of our desires and needs.

The way of the sahabas wherein they asked Allah swt even when they needed a shoelace replaced always moves me.

That is my goal. To worship my Rabb so much that when I need even a pen , I ask Him for it and then get up to look for one.

So , what is yours?

🙂 Untill next amaanillah !!