Fun Activities For Kids!!

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim !


List of Activities you can do with your kids


Story of Prophet Mohammed (swt) :


How he (sws) was protected by Allah (swt) from enemies of Islam  in  cave (the spider web and the dove nest)

 After telling the story within 10-15 mins you involve the kids making a craft as I remember a saying” Tell me and I forget, Involve me and I remember”


MAKING A Spider: Age : 5+

 Materials you need

  1. PomPoms
  2. Pipe cleaners
  3. Scissor
  4. Staple
  5. Wiggly eyes
  6. glue

Cut 4 pipe cleaner in halves and staple all of them (kids may need help) to a pompom making the spider’s body and 8 legs

Glue 2 wiggly eyes on top of the pompom making a complete spider

And ask the kids to draw a spider web in black construction paper to give look like a spiderweb on the cave and let the kids put the spider on that drawing and ask them to tell the story afterwards.


Making a Dove Nest:

You Need:

  1. White play dough
  2. black or brown yarns
  3. Scissor
  4. Paper bowl or paper plate

Cut a handful of yarn (1 ft length) and arrange those into a nest shape and place into a paper bowl or plate. Make 4 egg shapes molding play dough and keep those on the nest.



  • Musical Pillow: age 4+

         You need

  1. A pillow
  2. Islamic song on your cell phone ( instead of music)
  3. Copy paper 1-2 depending upon how many kids
  4. A small basket or bowl
  5. Board and board marker

For 12 kids

Cut the blank paper into 12 equal pieces and write on them

( Say the 1st Kalima, Say the Shahadah, say the meaning of the kalima, say the meaning of the shahadah,say your favorite short surah or meaning of your favorite surah, write Allah in Arabic, write Mohammed sws in Arabic….and so on)


Ask the kids to sit in a circle and play the song and ask the kids to pass the pillow …when song is stopped see which kid is holding the pillow ask him/her to pick a paper from the bowl , whatever is written on the paper he/she have to do that if not he/she is out of the game……while playing and pausing the song make sure every child gets a chance to pick a paper and say pr write something…this way they review and learn in a fun way.


Stick  the Tail:

You need

  1. A foam board
  2. Marker
  3. Construction paper
  4. Scissor
  5. Tape
  6. Thumb nail
  7. Scarf or a piece of cloth for blind fold
  8. A bowl with prewritten paper pieces( Smile as its sunnah, show how to slep in a sunnah way, make your own list of follow sunnah )
  9. A basket with candies or small prizes

Draw a cat with the marker on the foam board , draw a tail for the cat in a construction paper and tape it and keep it in a side

           Ask each child to come and stick the tail of the cat on the board with blind fold, if the child can do it he/she gets to pick any candy/ prize from the bowl, if not then ask the child to pick a paper piece and do whatever is written on it…if the child does it give him/her a prize.




99 Names of Allah swt: age 6+

Mix and Match

Time: 20 mins


You need:

  1. Beads of different colors (99 /child)
  2. Names of Allah(swt) print outs ( 5-10 attributes with meaning)
  3. Scirror
  4. Cell phone or Computer to play 99 names of Allah swt song

Play the 99 names of Allah swt song in youtube. Then ask them how many attributes Allah swt has.

Then make it clear to them that Allah swt is only one 99 beautiful names.


Ask the kids to take make 9 rows of 11 beads in each

who completes first wins


Then cut the (5-10) names , separate the meanings

call the kids one after one and ask them to find out a name with matching card which have meaning …who matches all wins.


Wall Hangings (Attributes of Allah swt):

Time: 30-45 mins

Age: 3+

This activity is suitable for teaching attributes of Allah swt to preschoolers who does not know reading, they can learn from pictures.

You need:

  1. Colorful (post it size) papers
  2. scissor/craft scissor
  3. glue
  4. Marker
  5. Pipe cleaner
  6. Printouts of Al -Wadud( The Loving one), As-Salam (The Peaceful) and Al-Malik (The King) …(6 +yrkids can write by themselves so they do not need the printouts.)
  7. Foam stickers(heart shape)
  8. Foam crown


For Al-Wadud which means The Loving One

Sat the Arabic name and then say the meaning

Then draw a heart on the paper and ask them to cut out side the edge

let them gule the word Al- Wadud in a different piece of paper then ask them to glue the heart shape under it and now stick the meaning of it on the heart and let them decorate it with foam heart stickers. Now make a small hole on top the paper with pipe cleaner and twist it so that it does not drop and also twist on the top of the pipe cleaner making a hole to hang on wall.


For As-Salam which means The all Peaceful: Same as avobe just make a peace sign in stead of Heart shape.


For Al- Malik which means The King:


Take a Foam Crown and glue the word Al- Malik and stick the word The King under it and put a pipe cleaner through the crown and twist it and also twist the top part of the pipe cleaner to make a hope to hang on wall.


When done you can hang them as single wall hanging or you can take a ribbon and hang all threetogether and then hang as a set.






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