My dearest Child–A Prologue to Surah Fatiha

Bismillahir Rahman nir Rahim

My dearest child,

I begin in the name of Allah, The Most Beneficent and the Most Merciful.

Today you set out on the journey for finding the key to the doors of Jannah.

Do you know what it is? It is “ To Gain the pleasure of Allah subhana hu t’aala”.

The clues to finding it are all in the Quran.

So begin your journey of the Quran, with an empty heart and let the Quran fill it with its light which will guide you straight to Jannah where Allah subhana hu t’aala will tell the gates  to open for His beloved You to come through. And the Prophet (s) would himself be waiting for you to give you a sip of water from the haud-e kausar to help you quench the thirst after the long trip you made. The number and beauty of its vessels are like the stars  of the sky. Its water is whiter than milk, sweeter than honey and (its fragrance) is better than the fragrance of musk!!

Allah subhana hu t’aala and the Prophet(s) would be sooooo proud of you that day inshallah. And so will I my dearest child, so will i.

So begin in the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficient and the Most Merciful!!

May Allah make it easy for you!! Ameen.

This day is a very big day for me too, as today I set out with you, even though you have to do this alone.  You will always find Allah subhana hu t’aala right next to you watching you take every step, fly over every fallen branch, fall in a puddle then rise up again. He will see you face Shaitan and ask Him for help and He will send it even before you have completed your du’a and then see you defeat it and emerge victorious.  Every time you will feel tired you will find Him right there next to you to make you sit and wrap you up in His mercy and hold you tight till you feel strong again.

Allah subhana hu t’aala gave a nur (light) to the Prophet (s) for us, his (s) ummah (nation). An angel came down especially from a special door in jannah to give to the Prophet (s) to light the way for us. Allah subhana hu t’aala Himself wants to make this journey easy for us.

Alhamdulillah for that!!!!

If you ever feel sick or tired, you can use this nur to make you feel better again inshallah as it is also called As-Shifa.

There is also something special here that Allah kept between Him and You in this. Inshallah, as you go on you will find it in the Quran too.

This is one of the best du’as that you can ever make and you will use it at least 17 times in a day inshallah!! 🙂

And most importantly this will teach you the secret of making this journey easy, breezy and beautiful for you inshallah!! 🙂

So what are you waiting for?

Let’s begin.

Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Rahim!!!


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